The Friday 56

The Friday 56 is a weekly blog meme hosted by Freda’s Voice. Join us every Friday and share an excerpt from a book you’ve been reading.

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Movies Over Coffee : Malevolent

**Note this post was originally posted in 2018 on a previous, now none working, blog.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I absolutely love horror movies and Netflix has upped their catalog this year which leaves me with a giddy feeling like Christmas came early. 

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My Most Anticipated Video Games

I love storytelling in all its forms, print, spoken, and visual, and that includes video games. I believe that some video games have transcended the graphics and storytelling aspect in which we consume their narratives, and I thoroughly enjoy them. Of course, I am not saying that all video games are quality storytelling or captivating. Still, there has been an abundance of games that not only try to deliver stunning graphics and gameplay but also a good quality story behind it to keep audiences entertained.

Here are some games that I am waiting for with bated breath.

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